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1.0.0281,91 m²862.342,00 €PDF
1.0.0366,32 m²709.178,00 €PDF
1.1.0584,63 m²909.637,00 €PDF
1.1.06106,60 m²1.145.779,00 €PDF
1.3.12106,60 m²1.216.289,00 €PDF
1.4.15107,70 m²1.276.331,00 €PDF
1.5.18107,70 m²1.335.695,00 €PDF
1.6.19184,49 m²2.847.345,00 €PDF
2.0.0134,81 m²PDF
2.0.0287,80 m²890.475,00 €PDF
2.0.04103,23 m²1.081.107,00 €PDF
2.0.0571,53 m²749.119,00 €PDF
2.0.0635,14 m²PDF
2.1.0787,46 m²915.951,00 €PDF
2.1.1087,61 m²917.522,00 €PDF
2.1.12106,43 m²1.149.819,00 €PDF
2.2.1487,53 m²945.632,00 €PDF
2.2.1787,61 m²946.496,00 €PDF
2.2.19106,43 m²1.185.017,00 €PDF
2.3.2187,53 m²974.580,00 €PDF
2.3.2487,61 m²975.471,00 €PDF
2.4.2888,03 m²1.018.965,00 €PDF
2.4.3188,12 m²1.020.007,00 €PDF
2.5.3588,03 m²1.077.191,00 €PDF
2.5.3888,12 m²1.078.293,00 €PDF
2.5.40107,48 m²1.350.740,00 €PDF
2.6.42141,26 m²2.211.295,00 €PDF
2.6.43143,51 m²2.246.517,00 €PDF
2.6.44116,58 m²1.927.767,00 €PDF
3.0.0233,97 m²PDF
3.0.0396,01 m²PDF
3.0.G2*35,14 m²464.860,00 €PDF
3.1.0433,91 m²PDF
3.1.0689,80 m²920.658,00 €PDF
3.1.08103,53 m²PDF
3.1.09115,22 m²PDF
3.2.1033,91 m²362.609,00 €PDF
3.2.1289,88 m²951.204,00 €PDF
3.2.15115,35 m²PDF
3.3.1633,91 m²373.824,00 €PDF
3.4.2234,10 m²387.196,00 €PDF
3.4.27116,11 m²1.241.597,00 €PDF
3.5.33116,11 m²1.305.597,00 €PDF
3.6.34182,48 m²2.715.740,00 €PDF
4.0.0370,84 m²718.465,00 €PDF
4.0.G4*36,51 m²482.983,00 €PDF
4.0.G5*59,43 m²727.224,00 €PDF
4.1.04140,21 m²PDF
4.1.06140,06 m²PDF
4.2.07140,61 m²PDF
4.2.09140,18 m²PDF
4.3.10140,61 m²1.395.076,00 €PDF
4.3.12140,18 m²1.390.810,00 €PDF
4.4.13141,56 m²1.482.530,00 €PDF
4.4.15141,15 m²1.478.236,00 €PDF
4.5.16141,56 m²1.560.557,00 €PDF
4.6.20126,58 m²1.841.952,00 €PDF
5.0.0267,22 m²674.340,00 €PDF
5.0.G7*37,97 m²502.298,00 €PDF
5.0.G8*37,60 m²497.403,00 €PDF
5.1.03124,55 m²PDF
5.1.04104,10 m²PDF
5.1.0694,94 m²962.889,00 €PDF
5.2.08124,55 m²PDF
5.2.09104,10 m²1.009.887,00 €PDF
5.3.13104,34 m²1.058.225,00 €PDF
5.3.14123,79 m²1.275.958,00 €PDF
5.4.16125,49 m²1.314.232,00 €PDF
5.4.17105,23 m²1.125.254,00 €PDF
5.5.21105,23 m²1.206.458,00 €PDF
5.5.22124,51 m²1.420.639,00 €PDF
5.6.24197,26 m²2.826.973,00 €PDF
5.6.25144,22 m²2.066.846,00 €PDF
6.0.0134,89 m²PDF
6.0.0587,34 m²866.553,00 €PDF
6.0.0634,77 m²PDF
6.1.0787,44 m²896.463,00 €PDF
6.1.09102,88 m²1.088.783,00 €PDF
6.2.16102,88 m²1.122.808,00 €PDF
6.2.1887,59 m²926.968,00 €PDF
6.3.2187,51 m²955.063,00 €PDF
6.3.2587,59 m²955.936,00 €PDF
6.4.2888,03 m²999.556,00 €PDF
6.4.3288,10 m²1.000.351,00 €PDF
6.5.37103,92 m²1.271.632,00 €PDF
6.5.3988,10 m²1.048.912,00 €PDF
6.6.42141,10 m²2.022.132,00 €PDF
6.6.43141,45 m²2.027.148,00 €PDF
6.6.44112,97 m²1.743.534,00 €PDF
7.0.01121,39 m²1.217.765,00 €PDF
7.0.0357,10 m²591.702,00 €PDF
7.0.0448,39 m²PDF
7.1.06124,66 m²1.291.797,00 €PDF
7.2.11124,60 m²1.332.383,00 €PDF
7.4.2247,95 m²560.317,00 €PDF
7.4.2451,62 m²597.512,00 €PDF
7.4.2555,45 m²641.845,00 €PDF
7.5.26124,74 m²1.498.896,00 €PDF
7.5.2747,95 m²586.747,00 €PDF
7.5.3055,45 m²672.409,00 €PDF
7.6.31182,05 m²2.608.995,00 €PDF
7.6.32116,60 m²1.671.018,00 €PDF
June, 2023

6th floor

The shell of the buil­ding is nea­ring com­ple­ti­on. The 6th floor has now been reached and con­cre­ting of the cei­ling is imminent.

März, 2023

3rd floor

The cei­ling abo­ve the 2nd floor has been con­creted — so the shell has now reached the 3rd floor and is steadi­ly progressing.

Febru­a­ry, 2023

Cei­ling 1F

In House 1 and 2 the cei­ling abo­ve the 1st floor has been con­creted. In the remai­ning houses, the cei­ling abo­ve the first floor has been con­creted and the walls are being erec­ted. Cur­r­ent­ly, scaf­fol­ders and car­cass buil­ders are working on the con­struc­tion site.

Decem­ber, 2022

Ground floor walls

Exca­va­ti­on work has been com­ple­ted. The dewa­te­ring sys­tem has been shut down and com­ple­te­ly dis­mant­led. Struc­tu­ral work in the base­ment is almost com­ple­te, and walls have been built on the first floor of houses 2, 3 and 4. Fur­ther­mo­re, ano­t­her cra­ne has been erec­ted in Elßholzstraße.

August, 2022

Foun­da­ti­on and base

The foun­da­ti­on work and exca­va­ti­on base of houses 1, 2 and 3, as well as the under­ground gara­ge, have been com­ple­ted. For H4 and 7, the rein­for­ce­ment work is cur­r­ent­ly being com­ple­ted. Con­struc­tion of the base­ment rooms is now star­ting in H2 and 3.

July, 2022

Floor slab

The pre­pa­ra­ti­on of the ent­i­re exca­va­ti­on pit has alrea­dy been com­ple­ted for some time, and the sheet pile walls on all sides are in place. The rein­for­ce­ment work and the con­struc­tion of the floor slab are pro­cee­ding at a rapid pace. A second cra­ne will be erec­ted shortly.

June, 2022

Shell con­struc­tion

From now on, it is time for the shell con­struc­tion pha­se. The first rein­for­ce­ment work for the con­struc­tion of the floor slab has begun. The dewa­te­ring continues.

May, 2022

Exca­va­ti­on support

Things are pro­gres­sing rapidly. The gir­der pile walls on all sides of the road have been com­ple­ted, and lar­ge quan­ti­ties of ground­wa­ter are being pum­ped out. The first con­struc­tion cra­ne is now in place.

Janu­a­ry, 2022


To clear the buil­ding site, a for­mer admi­nis­tra­ti­ve buil­ding of the AOK from the 60s is now to be demo­lis­hed. The faca­de was pla­ced at the dis­po­sal of “Augen auf Beton” (“Eyes on Con­cre­te”, which is a social initia­ti­ve that aims to give con­struc­tion workers a plat­form — they app­lied a lar­ge-for­mat graf­fi­ti por­trait of a Ber­lin con­struc­tion worker to the wall of the building.