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1.0.0127,04 m²278.025,00 €PDF
1.0.0281,91 m²829.175,00 €PDF
1.0.0366,32 m²681.902,00 €PDF
1.1.0429,04 m²307.824,00 €PDF
1.1.0584,63 m²874.651,00 €PDF
1.1.06106,60 m²1.101.711,00 €PDF
1.2.0729,04 m²317.059,00 €PDF
1.2.0884,63 m²901.563,00 €PDF
1.2.09106,60 m²1.135.610,00 €PDF
1.3.1029,20 m²328.091,00 €PDF
1.3.1184,63 m²928.476,00 €PDF
1.3.12106,60 m²1.169.509,00 €PDF
1.4.1329,62 m²345.369,00 €PDF
1.4.1485,12 m²969.942,00 €PDF
1.4.15107,70 m²1.227.242,00 €PDF
1.5.1629,62 m²361.068,00 €PDF
1.5.1785,12 m²1.015.056,00 €PDF
1.5.18107,70 m²1.284.323,00 €PDF
1.6.19184,49 m²2.737.832,00 €PDF
2.0.0134,81 m²PDF
2.0.0287,80 m²856.226,00 €PDF
2.0.0346,50 m²473.184,00 €PDF
2.0.04103,23 m²1.039.526,00 €PDF
2.0.0571,53 m²720.307,00 €PDF
2.0.0635,14 m²PDF
2.1.0787,46 m²880.722,00 €PDF
2.1.0851,70 m²531.579,00 €PDF
2.1.0951,70 m²531.579,00 €PDF
2.1.1087,61 m²882.233,00 €PDF
2.1.1146,76 m²485.743,00 €PDF
2.1.12106,43 m²1.105.595,00 €PDF
2.1.1346,70 m²485.120,00 €PDF
2.2.1487,53 m²909.262,00 €PDF
2.2.1552,20 m²553.320,00 €PDF
2.2.1652,20 m²553.320,00 €PDF
2.2.1787,61 m²910.093,00 €PDF
2.2.1846,76 m²500.613,00 €PDF
2.2.19106,43 m²1.139.440,00 €PDF
2.2.2046,70 m²499.970,00 €PDF
2.3.2187,53 m²937.096,00 €PDF
2.3.2252,40 m²572.103,00 €PDF
2.3.2352,40 m²572.103,00 €PDF
2.3.2487,61 m²937.953,00 €PDF
2.3.2546,76 m²515.482,00 €PDF
2.3.26106,43 m²1.173.284,00 €PDF
2.3.2746,70 m²514.821,00 €PDF
2.4.2888,03 m²979.774,00 €PDF
2.4.2952,71 m²597.837,00 €PDF
2.4.3052,71 m²597.837,00 €PDF
2.4.3188,12 m²980.776,00 €PDF
2.4.3247,03 m²538.399,00 €PDF
2.4.33107,48 m²1.230.431,00 €PDF
2.4.3446,97 m²537.713,00 €PDF
2.5.3588,03 m²1.035.761,00 €PDF
2.5.3652,71 m²631.360,00 €PDF
2.5.3752,71 m²631.360,00 €PDF
2.5.3888,12 m²1.036.820,00 €PDF
2.5.3947,03 m²568.311,00 €PDF
2.5.40107,48 m²1.298.788,00 €PDF
2.5.4146,97 m²567.585,00 €PDF
2.6.42141,26 m²2.126.246,00 €PDF
2.6.43143,51 m²2.160.113,00 €PDF
2.6.44116,58 m²1.853.622,00 €PDF
3.0.0158,23 m²574.031,00 €PDF
3.0.0233,97 m²PDF
3.0.0396,01 m²PDF
3.0.G1*40,51 m²489.523,00 €PDF
3.0.G2*35,14 m²446.981,00 €PDF
3.0.G3*50,08 m²589.241,00 €PDF
3.1.0433,91 m²PDF
3.1.0534,82 m²354.328,00 €PDF
3.1.0689,80 m²885.248,00 €PDF
3.1.0751,22 m²515.785,00 €PDF
3.1.08103,53 m²PDF
3.1.09115,22 m²PDF
3.2.1033,91 m²348.663,00 €PDF
3.2.1134,82 m²365.401,00 €PDF
3.2.1289,88 m²914.619,00 €PDF
3.2.1351,22 m²532.073,00 €PDF
3.2.14103,53 m²987.676,00 €PDF
3.2.15115,35 m²PDF
3.3.1633,91 m²359.446,00 €PDF
3.3.1734,82 m²376.474,00 €PDF
3.3.1890,08 m²945.300,00 €PDF
3.3.1951,42 m²550.503,00 €PDF
3.3.20103,76 m²1.033.865,00 €PDF
3.3.21115,35 m²1.124.893,00 €PDF
3.4.2234,10 m²372.304,00 €PDF
3.4.2335,08 m²390.440,00 €PDF
3.4.2490,61 m²979.675,00 €PDF
3.4.2551,78 m²570.823,00 €PDF
3.4.26104,67 m²1.120.597,00 €PDF
3.4.27116,11 m²1.193.843,00 €PDF
3.5.2834,10 m²383.148,00 €PDF
3.5.2935,08 m²401.596,00 €PDF
3.5.3090,61 m²1.008.489,00 €PDF
3.5.3151,78 m²587.289,00 €PDF
3.5.32104,67 m²1.198.262,00 €PDF
3.5.33116,11 m²1.255.381,00 €PDF
3.6.34182,48 m²2.611.289,00 €PDF
3.6.35191,11 m²2.734.784,00 €PDF
4.0.0170,84 m²690.832,00 €PDF
4.0.0247,47 m²472.991,00 €PDF
4.0.0370,84 m²690.832,00 €PDF
4.0.G4*36,51 m²464.407,00 €PDF
4.0.G5*59,43 m²699.253,00 €PDF
4.1.04140,21 m²PDF
4.1.0546,79 m²481.095,00 €PDF
4.1.06140,06 m²PDF
4.2.07140,61 m²PDF
4.2.0846,79 m²495.974,00 €PDF
4.2.09140,18 m²PDF
4.3.10140,61 m²1.341.419,00 €PDF
4.3.1146,79 m²510.853,00 €PDF
4.3.12140,18 m²1.337.317,00 €PDF
4.4.13141,56 m²1.425.509,00 €PDF
4.4.1447,14 m²529.665,00 €PDF
4.4.15141,15 m²1.421.381,00 €PDF
4.5.16141,56 m²1.500.536,00 €PDF
4.5.1747,14 m²544.656,00 €PDF
4.5.18141,15 m²1.496.190,00 €PDF
4.6.19126,50 m²1.769.988,00 €PDF
4.6.20126,58 m²1.771.107,00 €PDF
5.0.0148,83 m²481.366,00 €PDF
5.0.0267,22 m²648.404,00 €PDF
5.0.G6*51,81 m²609.596,00 €PDF
5.0.G7*37,97 m²482.978,00 €PDF
5.0.G8*37,60 m²478.272,00 €PDF
5.1.03124,55 m²PDF
5.1.04104,10 m²PDF
5.1.0527,45 m²276.422,00 €PDF
5.1.0694,94 m²925.855,00 €PDF
5.1.0751,95 m²528.643,00 €PDF
5.2.08124,55 m²PDF
5.2.09104,10 m²971.045,00 €PDF
5.2.10123,41 m²1.170.791,00 €PDF
5.2.1151,95 m²545.163,00 €PDF
5.3.12124,65 m²1.189.161,00 €PDF
5.3.13104,34 m²1.017.524,00 €PDF
5.3.14123,79 m²1.226.883,00 €PDF
5.3.1551,95 m²561.683,00 €PDF
5.4.16125,49 m²1.263.684,00 €PDF
5.4.17105,23 m²1.081.975,00 €PDF
5.4.18124,51 m²1.300.009,00 €PDF
5.4.1952,20 m²592.052,00 €PDF
5.5.20125,49 m²1.330.194,00 €PDF
5.5.21105,23 m²1.160.056,00 €PDF
5.5.22124,51 m²1.365.999,00 €PDF
5.5.2352,20 m²619.718,00 €PDF
5.6.24197,26 m²2.718.243,00 €PDF
5.6.25144,22 m²1.987.352,00 €PDF
6.0.0134,89 m²PDF
6.0.0271,26 m²702.481,00 €PDF
6.0.0399,59 m²981.758,00 €PDF
6.0.0446,69 m²465.219,00 €PDF
6.0.0587,34 m²833.224,00 €PDF
6.0.0634,77 m²PDF
6.1.0787,44 m²861.984,00 €PDF
6.1.0846,70 m²475.219,00 €PDF
6.1.09102,88 m²1.046.907,00 €PDF
6.1.1046,76 m²475.830,00 €PDF
6.1.1187,59 m²863.462,00 €PDF
6.1.1251,21 m²515.685,00 €PDF
6.1.1351,44 m²518.001,00 €PDF
6.2.1487,51 m²890.502,00 €PDF
6.2.1546,70 m²490.070,00 €PDF
6.2.16102,88 m²1.079.623,00 €PDF
6.2.1746,76 m²490.699,00 €PDF
6.2.1887,59 m²891.316,00 €PDF
6.2.1951,71 m²537.163,00 €PDF
6.2.2051,93 m²539.449,00 €PDF
6.3.2187,51 m²918.330,00 €PDF
6.3.2246,70 m²504.920,00 €PDF
6.3.23102,88 m²1.112.339,00 €PDF
6.3.2446,76 m²505.569,00 €PDF
6.3.2587,59 m²919.169,00 €PDF
6.3.2651,90 m²555.641,00 €PDF
6.3.2752,12 m²557.997,00 €PDF
6.4.2888,03 m²961.112,00 €PDF
6.4.2946,97 m²527.755,00 €PDF
6.4.30103,92 m²1.167.645,00 €PDF
6.4.3147,03 m²528.429,00 €PDF
6.4.3288,10 m²961.876,00 €PDF
6.4.3352,21 m²581.097,00 €PDF
6.4.3452,43 m²583.546,00 €PDF
6.5.3588,03 m²1.007.767,00 €PDF
6.5.3646,97 m²552.649,00 €PDF
6.5.37103,92 m²1.222.723,00 €PDF
6.5.3847,03 m²553.355,00 €PDF
6.5.3988,10 m²1.008.569,00 €PDF
6.5.4052,21 m²608.769,00 €PDF
6.5.4152,43 m²611.334,00 €PDF
6.6.42141,10 m²1.944.358,00 €PDF
6.6.43141,45 m²1.949.181,00 €PDF
6.6.44112,97 m²1.676.475,00 €PDF
7.0.01121,39 m²1.170.928,00 €PDF
7.0.0247,62 m²474.486,00 €PDF
7.0.0357,10 m²568.944,00 €PDF
7.0.0448,39 m²PDF
7.0.0527,76 m²275.129,00 €PDF
7.1.06124,66 m²1.242.112,00 €PDF
7.1.0747,69 m²485.293,00 €PDF
7.1.0877,71 m²770.184,00 €PDF
7.1.0951,14 m²514.980,00 €PDF
7.1.1054,68 m²550.628,00 €PDF
7.2.11124,60 m²1.281.137,00 €PDF
7.2.1247,69 m²500.459,00 €PDF
7.2.1377,71 m²794.896,00 €PDF
7.2.1451,14 m²531.242,00 €PDF
7.2.1554,68 m²568.016,00 €PDF
7.3.16124,76 m²1.322.456,00 €PDF
7.3.1747,69 m²515.624,00 €PDF
7.3.1877,71 m²819.607,00 €PDF
7.3.1951,33 m²549.539,00 €PDF
7.3.2054,87 m²587.438,00 €PDF
7.4.21126,15 m²1.390.678,00 €PDF
7.4.2247,95 m²538.766,00 €PDF
7.4.2378,21 m²858.042,00 €PDF
7.4.2451,62 m²574.531,00 €PDF
7.4.2555,45 m²617.159,00 €PDF
7.5.26124,74 m²1.441.246,00 €PDF
7.5.2747,95 m²564.180,00 €PDF
7.5.2878,21 m²899.493,00 €PDF
7.5.2951,62 m²601.889,00 €PDF
7.5.3055,45 m²646.547,00 €PDF
7.6.31182,05 m²2.508.649,00 €PDF
7.6.32116,60 m²1.606.748,00 €PDF

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The pro­ject is loca­ted on a spa­cious plot sur­roun­ded by archi­tec­tu­ral land­marks such as the famous St. Mat­thi­as Church, the Ber­lin Court of Appeal and other buil­dings of tra­di­tio­nal con­struc­tion. Thanks to the excel­lent work of the archi­tects and their superb atten­ti­on to detail, the ensem­ble “Am Win­ter­feldt” fits per­fect­ly into its vicini­ty and thus com­ple­tes the image of the neigh­bor­hood in a flaw­less man­ner. The app­lied buil­ding method picks up clas­sic ele­ments of Berlin’s town­house style and ele­gant­ly pairs them with modern structures.
This cul­mi­na­tes in a stun­ning com­bi­na­ti­on of clas­sic and modern, which allows for a seam­less con­nec­tion to the sur­roun­ding buil­dings. The buil­ding mate­ri­al used also fits in per­fect­ly with the neigh­bo­ring buil­ding com­ple­xes. While top-gra­de natu­ral stone is used on the lower part of the buil­ding, the upper floo­rs are clas­si­cal­ly plas­te­red with dif­fe­rent tin­ted colors. Over­all, clear­ly struc­tu­red faca­des accen­tua­te the repre­sen­ta­ti­ve cha­rac­ter of the ensemble.

Pal­las­stra­ße / Gleditschstraße  Pal­las­stra­ße / Gleditschstraße  Pal­las­stra­ße / Gleditschstraße  Elß­holz­stra­ße Hof / courtyard 

17,468 sqm of living space and 349 sqm of com­mer­cial space on 7 floors

* Posi­ti­on of the sun in June. The simu­la­ti­on is for ori­en­ta­ti­on pur­po­ses only and may devia­te from reality.

DThe total plot size of the D&H pro­ject “Am Win­ter­feldt” is 6,017 squa­re meters. The­re are a total of 7 buil­dings with 219 exclu­si­ve resi­den­ti­al units and 8 com­mer­cial units, who­se floor plans offer a con­tem­pora­ry inter­pre­ta­ti­on of indi­vi­du­al needs for modern living. A total of 17,468 squa­re meters of resi­den­ti­al space and 349.05 squa­re meters of com­mer­cial space are crea­ted on 7 floo­rs. The enc­lo­sed and spa­cious pri­va­te courty­ard of appro­xi­mate­ly 2,653 squa­re meters will pro­vi­de the resi­dents of “Am Win­ter­feldt” with a green retre­at in the midd­le of the city to enjoy and unwind.
In addi­ti­on, “Am Win­ter­feldt” is com­ple­men­ted with 79 par­king spaces as well as over 400 bicy­cle par­king spaces and sto­rage rooms for strol­lers in the base­ment. The ensem­ble is divi­ded into seven slight­ly sepa­ra­te buil­ding are­as, each with its own ent­ran­ce and access to stairs/elevators. This allows for a com­bi­na­ti­on of home­li­ness and an inti­ma­te atmosphere.
Buil­ding 1

Living space: 1465,60 sqm
Resi­den­ti­al units: 19

Buil­ding 2

Living space: 3.184,00 sqm
Resi­den­ti­al units: 44

Buil­ding 3

Living space: 2.712,97 sqm
Resi­den­ti­al units: 35

Buil­ding 4

Net space: 2.084,05 sqm
Resi­den­ti­al units: 20

Buil­ding 5

Net space: 2.484,04 sqm
Resi­den­ti­al units: 25

Buil­ding 6

Net space: 3.151,97 sqm
Resi­den­ti­al units: 44

Buil­ding 7

Net space: 2.386,28 sqm
Resi­den­ti­al units: 32



The cen­tral loca­ti­on of the pro­ject gua­ran­tees excel­lent public trans­port con­nec­tions. The near­by sub­way sta­ti­ons Nol­len­dorf­platz, Bülow­stra­ße and Kleist­park with the lines U1, U2, U3, U4 and U7 pro­vi­de effi­ci­ent and gre­at mobi­li­ty around town and its out­skirts. The well-known traf­fic junc­tions Zoo­lo­gi­scher Gar­ten, Alex­an­der­platz and Pots­da­mer Platz can be reached in a remar­kab­ly short time.
Thanks to their lar­ge num­ber of gal­le­ries and art stu­di­os, Bülow­stras­se and Pots­da­mer Stras­se have beco­me the artis­tic cen­ter of the Ger­man capi­tal in recent years. In addi­ti­on to gran­dio­se muse­ums such as the Kul­tur­fo­rum, the Phil­har­mo­nie and the Neue Natio­nal­ga­le­rie, you will also find vau­de­ville thea­ters, (out­door) cine­mas and event venues to suit every tas­te and fancy.
With its count­less shop­ping oppor­tu­nities, the “City-West” is the ide­al area for exten­ded shop­ping trips. Here, the world-famous luxu­ry depart­ment store KaDeWe attracts visi­tors from all over the world. The ico­nic Kur­fürs­ten­damm is home to nume­rous desi­gner flagship stores along the pro­me­na­de, as well as exclu­si­ve bou­ti­ques, cine­mas and thea­ters. With a varie­ty of restau­rants in the side streets of the legen­da­ry bou­le­vard, every tas­te is gua­ran­te­ed to find their culi­na­ry match.

Dia­mo­na & Harnisch
crea­tes some­thing very special:
a home to feel good

As an expe­ri­en­ced real esta­te deve­lo­per, we crea­te high-qua­li­ty living space, com­bi­ning modern design with ener­gy-effi­ci­ent, prag­ma­tic archi­tec­tu­re. We deve­lop pro­per­ties at care­ful­ly selec­ted loca­ti­ons whe­re uni­que flair, con­ve­ni­en­ce and qua­li­ty of life come tog­e­ther to form an ide­al resi­den­ti­al area.
DIAMONA & HARNISCH’s out­stan­ding repu­ta­ti­on as a qua­li­ty-con­scious, detail-ori­en­ted pro­ject deve­lo­per is based on pro­fes­sio­nal exper­ti­se and many years of experience.
The company’s pro­per­ty deve­lo­p­ments inclu­de modern houses that fuse the best of con­tem­pora­ry design with ener­gy-effi­ci­ent architecture.